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Priority Maintenance

Protect your plumbing equipment from costly and irritating problems with our Plumbing Priority Maintenance, a private membership offering peace of mind for your home. You will be priority-service protected every hour, of every day from emergencies.


Guaranteed Same Day Service窶ヲ If you have an emergency, we have staff on call for you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. Guaranteed or your money back.

Priority Service窶ヲ When you have an emergency, you receive service ahead of those customers who chose NOT to invest in our Plumbing Priority Maintenance Club!

$200 in FREE service窶ヲ Once each year, a member of our expert team (a Certified Service Technician) will give your home a thorough inspection, provide scheduled service and perform FREE mechanical system adjustments including all connected equipment. The complete list is a $200 value alone!

Value Rate Member Only Prices窶ヲ You receive value rate pricing of a 15% 窶 25% discount off standard prices on services provided

Safety Inspections窶ヲ You窶冤l receive 1 FREE safety inspection on your plumbing equipment. This includes a thorough inspection to avoid expensive, after-hours, emergency service.

Longer Lasting Equipment窶ヲ By having your equipment tuned up you are adding years to the life of your equipment.

Savings on Utility Bills窶ヲ Precision tune-ups get your equipment working at top efficiency and increase your savings on your utility bills.

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