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24hr Emergency Service

Nights, weekends and even on holidays, you will be greeted by one of our customer service representatives who can schedule an appointment to meet your needs. If it is an emergency, we窶冤l dispatch an expert plumbing technician to your home as soon as possible! Just call us atツ623.696.2244

Up front pricing guarantee

We窶况e all been through it at one time or another. You hire a company to do repairs in your home. You get an estimate and the workツstarts slow, the tech makes several trips to get parts, materials and tools. Finally the work is finished and you get the bill. Surprise! It窶冱 more than the original estimate. We know there窶冱 a better way. Our Up Front Pricing is actually No Surprise Pricing. We charge by the job . . . not by the hour.

Free Estimates

Get a free estimate on our services. You can cal us and describe the plumbing problem or we can come to your place. Call us at 623.696.2244.

Sewer and Drain Line Repair & Replacement

If this critical work is not done properly it can result in serious damage to your property. We have been repairing and replacing water lines for homeowners in the Phoenix area. Because we know sewer and water lines are critical to the functioning of your home we guarantee fast service, Up front pricing and clean, courteous technicians.

Low Cost Water Heater Replacement

Hot water is more than just a convenience . . . it窶冱 a necessity for everyday living. When your hot water goes cold . . . you can窶冲 wait hours.ツFortunately, you don窶冲 have to. Call 623.696.2244 and we will respond immediately. An experienced plumber will arrive at your home with all the tools, materials and expertise to repair or replace your water heater fast.

Tankless Water HeaterツInstallation & Repair

We offer conventional and tankless water heaters. Whichever you choose, Professionally installed new water heater’s. When the installation is complete the work area will be thoroughly cleaned and all debris and the old water heater will be hauled away. All work and your satisfaction are guaranteed 100%!

Faucet, Toilet and Fixture Repair and Replacement

If you窶况e ever tried to replace a faucet, sink or replace your garbage disposal then you know it窶冱 a job better left to the pros.ツツ And no, your husband is not a pro.ツツ He proved that when he tried to install the toilet. Kingdom Plumbing are the pros. They arrive on time, provide you with great installation options and complete the job to your specifications.ツツ Plus, with our Up Front Pricing, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis

Our drinking water is becoming more and more polluted with metals, chlorine, bacteria, chemicals, pesticides and many other harmful materials. These contaminants make their way in to our bodies, affecting our health in numerous ways.ツWater filters, purification and conditioning systems can remove these unsafe materials. All of our innovative water treatment and filtration systems will solve your water problems and deliver cleaner and healthier water for you and your family to enjoy.

Whole House WaterツTreatment Systems

Let us ツuse our experience on the water problems specific to the Phoenix area to create the right filtration system for you and your family.ツThere are different types of drinking water filtration systems that can be installed in your home including whole house or point of entry or point of use, under sink systems. Each will vastly improve the quality of your drinking water.

Most homeowners choose the whole house filtration systems. Depending on the level and type of impurities found in your water, a whole house water filtration can fully correct the problem.

All water filtration and purification systems are installed by our highly trained specialists. Water purification systems need scheduled maintenance to ensure maximum performance and efficiency and we can schedule a maintenance program that fits your schedule and your budget. We offer the Halo 5 Whole House Water System

Complete Kitchen &ツBathroom Remodeling

Many kitchen remodels involve moving or extending existing plumbing. In some areas, local building codes may require you to hire licensed plumbers and to do the work.ツIn any case, there areツmany issues involved in a kitchen remodel.

Let Our Kitchen Remodel Contractors Do The Hard Work For You

You can count on our kitchen remodeling contractors for all matters great and small, whether it窶冱 helping you pick out new fixtures or deciding where to put your new kitchen sink. We want to make your kitchen remodeling project as positive an experience as possible, and we窶冤l use our expertise to match your ideas with the proper equipment and accessories, designing you the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

Water Damage and Reconstruction Experts

Your property窶冱 water system is one of the things that you should routinely check for damage. Leaks and pipe bursts can result in abnormally high water bills and water damage to your building. If you suspect plumbing leaks and damage in your home or workplace, contact Kingdom plumbing immediately for a quick fix. ツWater pipes may look durable, airtight and watertight on the surface but they can be damaged by excessive pressure and shock. Construction-related activities can damage water lines, resulting in hard-to-control gushes that can flood your property in a hurry.

To inquire about any of our services please call usツ623.696.2244